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A Smart Plant Growing System

Simple enough for semi-pros yet sophisticated enough for commercial growers.

Alerts &



Overview Dashboard & System Layouts

Granular & Comparative Crop Trends

Both novice and professional growers are guilty of:

The Problem

Inefficient water, electricity, nutrient and CO2 use hurts profitability and plant quality too.


Human Error

At one end of the spectrum our experience biases drive mistakes, at the other end, ignorance and laziness does the same.


Though uniformity, consistency and predictability are critical to sustainable quality and profitability, delivering it is rare. 

Unique insights for hobbyists and professionals.

Loss Prevention


Better Quality

Detect problems in time to reverse harmful conditions. 

Monitor your plants' environment to optimize their growth.

Track quality factors to grow remarkable crops. 


Data Visualization

Remote Monitoring

Enter timing, routines and dates for reminders and alerts.

See and understand what's going on in a glance.  

Know what's going on from anywhere, whenever you like.




Access and adjust devices and apps remotely.

Automatically view, print and share reports.

Uncover valuable insights and patterns.


Drive remarkable return on your investment.

Introducing the Avolved growing system

Accurate data and visualization of key factors in plant optimization. We measure air temperature, humidity, lighting variables, plant temperature, CO2, soil moisture, nutrient levels and help optimize for programmed light recipes. 

Get Alerts when attention is needed.

Check crop status  anywhere, anytime.

See granular trends and history.

Help your workers become self-managing.


Know what your plants know.

Anyone can get remarkable growing results.

Now Taking Orders

We're doing pre-production installations right now. If you'd like to try our system send us a note. 


Why wait?


Soil Moisture and Plant Sensor

Enviro and CO2  Sensor


Humidity, Air Temperature, Light Intensity and Plant Temperature plus digital CO2 detection.

WiFi Cloud connectivity and power to sensors. 16 ports.

Soil Moisture, Soil Temp, and soon Nutrient data.

An Infinitely Scalable System

Sensors that are distributed among your plants continuously measure and monitor the environment.


The data collected can be compared to ranges that are common for types of healthy plants. When potential issues are detected, alerts are sent with suggested actions.


From a dozen plants...

The software also provides data visualization of what's going on in a plant's environment as well as granular details, if you prefer. The system is networked so you can get monitoring for individual plants to entire crops via the cloud.

...to millions.

Rob Gemmell


Previously: CMO for Vode Lighting.


25+ years as Silicon Valley entrepreneur and marketing consultant to Apple, Sun Microsystems and startups. 7 patents.


CKS Partners, Addwater, LikeList. Industrial Designer & Creative Director at Apple.


BA, Industrial Design, University of Washington. Design Management, Ohio State.

Mark Covaro


Previously: Co-founder and CTO of Redwood Systems.


25+ years of experience including Cray Research, AMD, and Cisco Systems – each shipping over a billion dollars of product.


Over 20 US patents related to sensors, lighting and power.


BS, EE, Texas A & M University.

Dale Fong


Previously: VP of Software for Adura Technologies.


25+ years of experience in software architecture, power management and communications systems. PG&E and Adura Technologies.


Co-Founder and CTO of Silicon Energy Corp. and UDX Inc.


BS, EE, Cornell University

We're a bunch of geeky guys in the California wine country who like solving hard problems. With the help of some friends, and a respected colleague in plant sciences at UC Davis, we're developing a system that gives people insight into their plant's environment.

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