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Know where people are and how your crop is doing.

See what's going on without being intrusive!

Avolved’s thermal sensors see pixilated heat and motion. It even detects activity from humans who are quietly working or reading without movement without invading anyone's privacy!
For Office & Retail Environments
Track the usage of expensive space.
The sensors detect temperatures subtle and granular enough in plants to reveal potential health, quality and yield issues across crops.
For Plant Growing Environments
Monitor plant temperature and occupants.
Put data-based knowledge to work for your organization.
Understand your how your workers and others really work.
Monitor and manage actual space usage.
Optimize workplaces for high performance.

Finally see and measure how much time staff generally spends in work spaces, in common areas and meeting with others.

Discover how special-purpose rooms and shared spaces are occupied to get better utilization info and reduce scheduling hassles.

Use data collected to provide better informed direction to staff and space utilization.

Make your work spaces truly smart and finally capture data on utilization.

Now you can affordably monitor, measure and control what's going on in your buildings via the cloud from anywhere on the planet.

Granular accuracy.

Sensor resolution is 64 pixels or 64 sqft. when mounted 8' high, 100 sqft. at 10' cover 100 square feet. 


The optimal height range is 8' to 10' which results in pixel sizes of 1 sqft.  at 8' to 1.25 sqft. at 10'.


Facilities Management:
•  Lighting control
•  HVAC control
•  Occupancy monitoring

•  Space management
•  Meeting room management
•  Hoteling

Security and safety:
•  Security / Safety gates
•  Automatic doors
•  Intrusion / Presence detection
•  Occupancy monitoring
•  Fire / Heat detection, alarm systems
•  Emergency response support

Crop Monitoring:

  • Plant temperatures

  • Environmental temperatures

  • Worker tracking

  • HVAC

  • Temperature anomalies

Avolved People Sensing Products

Coming in 2017

Modular Thermal  Sensors

Power & Communication Hubs

Data Interface

Sees granular occupant presence and crop temperatures. Designed for simple installation in all typical overhead locations.

Multiple versions that power, communicate and control networks of sensors and lighting plus combinations of related devices.

Provides real-time visibility and reporting of occupant locations and activity